Where are they now? Meet an Alumni

Lindsay Cain, Class of 2009. trophy

Lindsay Cain graduated from The College at Brockport, SUNY in 2009. She recently accepted a position as Family Life and Sexuality Education Specialist with Carrera Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Lindsay completed her Master’s in Human Sexuality Education at Widener University in the Summer of 2013 and began doctoral study in the same program summer of 2014.

During her personal time she enjoys playing football. In July of 2014, her professional women’s football team, the Pittsburgh Passion, won the IWFL world championship after a perfect season. Which she says was a “dream come true”.

First post, a brief introduction to Brockport WMS

It’s a new semester here at The College at Brockport and with this new semester we’re starting a new blog. My name is Sarah Mae and I’ll be your tour guide for the time being. The intention of this blog is to inform interested parties about the ongoings of the Women and Gender Studies Program both on and off campus.

We are a growing program in Brockport, NY, focused on gender equity, social justice and applying the tools gleaned from the classroom into our daily lives before and after graduation. Our program director Dr. Barbara LeSavoy is an ever inspiring human being, she has a wealth of knowledge that she offers to her students and the community at large. With a kind heart and a strong voice she builds up individuals and inspires those around her. I’ve learned a lot from Dr. LeSavoy in the few years I’ve been at Brockport and one thing she’s shown and taught me is that you never stop learning, you never stop evolving and (y)our world is forever changing and being challenged.

The staff for our program are all wonderful, well-educated human beings. We are lucky enough to have professors from other disciplines teach courses focused on gender issues. You can learn about gender through art history, literature, film, explore the complexities of gender from a Sociological perspective and much more.